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Blackboard’s Digital Teaching and Learning Certification Program is a development pathway program that delivers world-class training and certification for teachers and associated support staff in the use of digital learning technologies, promoting a high standard of excellence, quality, and consistency in the student experience.  Designed to give you confidence to deliver a world class quality of education that will ensure the success of your students in meeting the educational and employability demands of the 21st Century.

Join us at TLCANZ19 to complete the first course of this three course series: Fundamentals of digital teaching and learning and receive the Blackboard Associate Certification upon successful completion.

Click here for more details on the full program.

This program content is aligned to UNESCO standards and Digital Competence Framework, JISC Digital Capabilities Framework and the UK Professional Standards Framework.

Quick Overview

Fundamentals of digital teaching and learning

A foundational course that covers introduction to eLearning, common practices in delivering online instruction

Teaching Materials

To compliment the eTeacher training participants will receive a suite of materials to support their learning and ongoing

  • Comprehensive Workbook for each course:
    • Up-to-date learning content
    • Practical activities
  • Online course materials hosted in Blackboard Academy
  • “Sandbox” environment for Digital Teaching and Learning in Practice (Using Blackboard Ultra!)
  • Rigorous Course Facilitator Materials
  • Community of Practice


Dr. Alex Wu

Alex is Blackboard’s Senior Educational Consultant for Asia Pacific. Alex comes equipped with a decade of scientific research and 15 years of teaching experience within academia, spanning across secondary, higher, and professional education sectors in the Australian and Asian Markets. He also held leadership positions in both consulting and professional education organisations. Alex specialises in designing learning solutions, best practices, and effective implementation strategies for various Blackboard platforms. Alex’s extensive research background provide solid experience in quantitative research methods and statistical modelling.


Module 1
What We Know About Learning

Learning Principles
Learning Approaches

Module 2
Introduction to Digital Teaching

Digital Teaching
Roles and Responsibilities of the eTeacher

Module 3
Digital Teaching Approaches and the LMS

Online Delivery Approaches
Introduction to Learning Management Systems

Module 4
Designing E-learning Courses

Digital Course Design
Mobile Learning and the Mobile Learner
Personalized Learning in a Virtual Classroom

Module 5
Developing E-learning Courses

Curating Content
File Types for E-learning
Developing in the LMS

Module 6
Principles of Learner Assessment and Feedback

Principles of Effective Assessment
Principles of Effective Feedback

Module 7
Introduction to E-learning Assessments

Tests and Surveys
Online Rubrics

Module 8
Collaborative E-learning

Overview of Collaborative Learning
Creating Collaboration in the Online Classroom

Module 9
Web and Video Conferencing Fundamentals

Overview of the Virtual Classroom
Using Common Web Conferencing Tools
Conducting Web Conferencing Sessions
Moderating Best Practices

Module 10
Support and Success of the Online Learner

Instructional Support
Support Resources
Usability and Accessibility
Monitoring and Promoting Learner Performance

Module 11
Evaluation and Reflection

Evaluation Strategies
Evaluation Models
Case Study, Tips, and Tricks

Examination and Certification

  • 45 Questions
  • 1 hour
  • 70% Pass Grade
  • Automatically graded
  • Two attempts


  • Duration:
    • 1 day intensive in person pre-con workshop
    • 8 weeks Online
  • Cohort of up to 30 participants
  • Fully online, synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Facilitated by a Blackboard Consultant
  • To complete the course and obtain the certification you must:
    • Complete the course activities (Content Modules, Discussions, Self-study, Assignments, Capstone Project)
    • Approve the final exam.

Conference Pricing


View the rates below and set aside budget to join your peers in Sydney in 2019!

Digital Teaching & Learning Certification Program Pricing
Digital Teaching & Learning Certification Program $480
Combi Digital Teaching & Learning Certification Program + TLCANZ $1170

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