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Academic Adoption Workshop

Course Quality Matters

Consistency is not sameness when designing the perfect online course environment: understanding where quality matters

Mark Bailye (Blackboard), Michael Sankey (Griffith University) & Bill Searle (Charles Darwin University)

What is it?

Today, a number of institutions have initiatives or projects in place to explore and evaluate their online courses, to ensure a positive and inclusive learning experience for all learners. This of course happens at a number of levels; the institutional level, at the school level, at the program/course design level and at the professional development level. This may take the form of formal or informal benchmarking, a review against some agreed-on standard or rubric prior to the commencement of teaching, an audit during the teaching cycle, or after an evaluation at the completion of teaching. In whatever form, there is always some element of alignment necessary within the institution if these mechanisms are to have sustainable and enduring value. Consequently, various approaches have been trialled and taken, and institutions have turned to recognised tools and standards in support of this, and several checklists, scorecards and rubrics have been developed to assist with this process, designed to support the quality of online learning. This workshop will provide an overview of many of these tools, and will seek to, through a collaborative practice, help institutions pick the mix that may best suit their particular context.

This workshop will be very interactive, providing participants with an opportunity to share their current practice, while at the same time not seeking to preference any one tool or methodology. It is designed to provide each participant with options that they may consider introducing to their own practice, in an effort to extend the quality options available to them and those they represent.

Who should attend?

This workshop would be of great benefit to learning designers, blended learning advisors, quality learning designers, education developers, lecturers and support teams.

What does the schedule look like?

Please note, program is subject to change.

8.30am Registration; Tea & Coffee available on arrival
9.00am Session 1 “Discover”
This session is all about discovery, providing participants with an opportunity to apply what they already know in terms of recognising what needs to be in place to develop a quality online course.
10.00am Morning Tea
10.30am Session 2 “Define”
In this session time will be given to defining what minimum online presence actually means.  It will be an opportunity to explore what checklists, scorecards and rubrics are currently available and consider how these tools have defined minimum online presence.
11.40am Session 3 “Develop”
It is one thing to have a tool that can be used to evaluate the quality of a course, it is another thing to develop resources and processes that are needed to support this.  This session will provide an opportunity to discuss and develop a sustainable and scalable approach that could be used evaluate the quality of online courses.
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Session 4 “Deliver”
The final session, will provide participants with the opportunity to hear firsthand, the approach and tools different institutions (still to be confirmed, but currently include CDU, ACODE & ASCILITE) have used or developed to evaluate the quality of online courses.
3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm End
Shuttle bus leaves for Hilton Brisbane

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